Human Barbies

Human Barbies

Mehgan-Lu Ornelas, Staff Reporter

Some people like to have plastic surgery of all sorts. But some take plastic surgery to a whole new level, trying to augment their features in order to look like someone, or something else. The official “human Barbie” that is most well-known is Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukrainian model who has made it her life’s mission to look like a Barbie. She claims that she only had plastic surgery on her breasts but it is made obvious that her claim is probably not the whole truth based off of her before and after pictures.

Outside of her home on Halloween night, she was brutally attacked by two unidentified male assailants. She was hospitalized for two days before she could return home. The attack was just because of how she looked and because she refused to change. As for her daily routine, Valeria Lukyanova has a more normal approach–for the most part. She explains, “In the morning, I work on my face and I get a massage, then I spend some time on the Internet. I meditate and travel in my astral body, and after that I work out at the gym. I go for a walk with my best girlfriend, I get home, and I make dinner for the man I love. Then I spend some more time on the Internet, do some reading and meditating, and go to bed.”

It is not quite a normal life but it is her life. Leave your opinion on this human Barbie and plastic surgery in the comment section.

Another picture of Valeria Lukyanova.