Michelle Obama Comes to Arizona


Kelsey Johnson, Marketing Editor

Thursday, October 20th, Michelle Obama visited Phoenix Arizona to rally support for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Obama is one of three surrogates sent by the Clinton campaign, Chelsea Clinton and Bernie Sanders also made AZ appearances.

In Michelle Obama’s thirty minute speech, she encouraged the 6,900 Arizonans in attendance to support Clinton. She tells voters that Clinton is a beacon of hope and that her numerous political positions and achievements make her the “most qualified candidate.” The First Lady referenced Donald Trump multiple times throughout the speech without directly mentioning his name. Michelle Obama believes Trump is dividing the country and he does not respect “our shared humanity.” She also used the opportunity to highlight Trump’s lack of respect for women. After her speech, Michelle Obama greeted several hundred members of the crowd. She left Phoenix at 3:40pm, making her total trip in Phoenix only two hours.

Michelle Obama’s appearance was due to the possibility of Arizona “turning blue” and voting for Clinton in November. Though the state is typically republican, Hillary is polling five points higher than her opponent, Donald Trump. The lead has prompted Hillary’s administration to invest $2 million into Arizona advertisements.

Anitha Ramadoss (12) attended the speech stating, “It was mind blowing. Michelle is a very effective campaigner and can rally support. This speech in particular was important because we are a swing state.”

Lily Arnpriester (12) also attended the event. She weighs in saying, “It was very cool. I think it will rally Clinton support and encourage people who like the Obamas to vote for Clinton. I hope Arizona will turn blue.”