International Women’s Marches: My Body, My Choice

International Women’s Marches: My Body, My Choice

Taylor Smith, Staff Reporter

January 21, 2017.

Now the date of the largest protest in United States history where over a million men and women marched through varies cities in America rallying against President Trump and his views on Planned Parenthood and women as a whole. Washington DC was expecting a little over 200,000 participants and ended up with over half a million. This made it the second-busiest day in DC’s subway history with over a million trips. Intense preparation was needed to make this particular match successful.

I had the privilege to contact Anjalee Sadhwani, a senior at Hamilton High School and a member of the We The People group who attended the inauguration and DC march, and ask her what her overall feelings of the march were. She gave very powerful insight, “It was so empowering. THe Day after the inauguration, seeing a sea of red hats the day before, my whole class was pretty bummed out. The next day, pretty much double the crowd showed up, and there was a sea of pink hats. People were so kind. I remember in particular, a few ladies from Chicago posing for pictures with us, and it felt like we all had this bond. Honestly, this was the most amazing display of sisterhood and it made me proud to be a woman.” It gave me goosebumps hearing her recall the power in coming together.

Not only were there displays of equality for women all throughout America, but throughout the world. Japan, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and many more nations held sister marches and stood with us at such an essential time for our history. We came together and fought for what we believe in and nothing matters more than this.

Everyone I was able to talk to gave hugely positive feedback about the marches. Mr. Andrew Burkhart, a very inspiration and humble man, gave me his opinion of the protests in very wise words. “All expression is really good. People disliked what the nation chose and did something about it.” Lexi Schieffer (10) said, “I love how people in this country are taking advantage of their freedom to speak up about how they feel.”

Overall, the women’s marches all over the world gave women everywhere a sense of peace and togetherness that everyone, no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation, deserves to feel.