Advice to Upcoming Seniors


Melanie Porter, Photo Editor

Listen, they say junior year is the hardest year in school; and in a way, they’re right. However, Senior year is a different kind of hard. It’s the kind of hard that makes your whole body hurt. Dragging yourself out of bed every morning after you’ve gotten that precious letter of acceptance from a future university feels like bricks are tied to your feet and you are a hippopotamus walking through peanut butter. But getting out of bed is the easy part in comparison to the rest of the day. Going class to class, getting more and more homework, and then returning home to find that not only are you not motivated to finish any of the work, you have about 500 college and scholarship applications that needed every single bit of your personal information in order for you to even be CONSIDERED for anything is frustrating and exhausting. So here’s some advice that might make your senior year more bearable and maybe even enjoyable.

  1. If you’re going to procrastinate, clear your schedule…all the way. Teachers always say to  never procrastinate, and while they are 100% right, procrastination at some point is inevitable. If you clear your schedule of any other homework or activities, the procrastinated project is a little more manageable and you’ll be able to produce some quality last minute work.
  2. Don’t take the AP test unless you are confident you can get a solid 3 or 4. Although AP tests are relatively inexpensive considering the college credit one could attain, don’t feel pressured to take the test unless you are comfortable with the material being taught.
  3. Keep in mind that colleges look at unweighted GPA’s. Piling up the AP and honors classes your senior year may lower your unweighted GPA. Be sure to balance your schedule so the workload is manageable.
  4. Make time for friends. It’s your last year of High School! This year, you’ll want to create memories with friends that you may never see again. Don’t be afraid to push the homework aside and go to a party or go on a trip with your friends…once in awhile.
  5. Remember that even though you might be able to do four AP classes your junior year, you might not have the motivation to do 4 AP classes your senior year. It’s okay to change your schedule around in order to have less stress.
  6. Just because everyone else is doing something, it doesn’t mean you have to do it too. This is your year, and you can be whoever you want to be! Don’t let other people determine what you like or what you want to wear, just be yourself.

Senior Year can be tough; however, it can also be the best year of your life. As long as you stay true to yourself and develop time management skills, not only will senior year be the best year in high school, you’ll be ready for your first year of college.