Halloween During a Pandemic

20200926dr Halloween Illo E  AdobeStock

20200926dr Halloween Illo E AdobeStock

Jordan Bivins

With Halloween coming around the corner it is important to stay safe during the time of Covid-19. What are the students of Hamilton High School planning on doing to celebrate the holiday? 

Halloween During a Pandemic

Ever since the break out of the CoronaVirus almost eight months ago the concern of safety has been heavily prevalent. How can the people of America stay safe while also completing their daily lives? Most of us have found decently successful ways to maintain safety, wearing masks and social distancing. As holidays come around how should we approach the celebrations?

According to the CDC, we should keep doing what we’re doing. All celebrations should be outside, participants should wear masks and maintain six feet apart. At celebrations you should make sure to continue having good hygiene and cleanliness, limiting the people at the celebrations, and keep safe around food or drink. It is also advised to not use costume masks as a replacement for standard cloth masks. 

If participants attended a higher risk activity that could result in the chance of catching the disease they are advised to stay home and get tested. With the recent return to school we don’t want a sudden breakout to prompt the shut down and return to online school. With this in mind some low risk activities could be decorating your house, virtual costume contests, spooky movie night (housemates only), carving pumpkins and more.  Activities that are discouraged are traditional trick or treating, attending crowded costume parties, going to indoor haunted houses and going on hayrides with large groups of people. Activities that should be taken with caution but are generally allowed are pumpkin patches, outdoor costume parties, one way trick or treating, and outdoor spooky movie marathons. 

What are the students of Hamilton High doing on this spooky night? Megan Burke, a freshman at Hamilton, says she’s going to hang out with her family and watch fun movies for Halloween. When asked about her plans Shayna Mullen, a freshman at Hamilton, says “Not that much, I’m probably just going to just watch some movies with my friends.” Elijah St.Onge, a freshman at Hamilton, says he’s going to go to a friends house and hangout on Halloween night. All three students’ plans are great, and safe ways to participate in the Halloween festivities. For everyone that will be participating in Halloween on Saturday night make sure to be safe, have fun and stay spooky.