With Winter Holidays Approaching, Covid Cases are Predicted to Rise


Jordan Bivins

In recent weeks, Coronavirus cases have spiked to great highs as people continue to celebrate holidays in large groups. With Thanksgiving behind us, many scientists are predicting another spike thanks to the large amounts of traveling and gathering. Many are concerned that the recent spike of Covid fatigue is contributing to the even larger spike in cases. According to the Washington Post, the Sunday after Thanksgiving was the busiest day for travelers, since March, with 117 million people traveling by air. In all, there were 9.4 million people who traveled for Thanksgiving since the Friday before the holiday. The CDC has strongly discouraged any sort of transportation if it is: with people outside your household, hard to remain socially distanced, or a spike in your community. With this advised, many people ignored the advice and still traveled for Thanksgiving. 

In preparation for the upcoming holidays such as Christmas and Hannakah, many scientists and health care experts strongly advise people who celebrate these holidays to think of safer ways to participate in these traditions. It is common for people to go to holiday parties with large groups or see large groups of family to celebrate the holiday season. Instead of these activities,  they suggest drive by celebrations, outdoor gift exchanges, and virtual hangouts to limit Covid spread. All in-person activities should be done with masks worn and peopledistanced as much as possible. There are many ways to celebrate this time of year without putting others in danger.