Back to School on Campus

Jordan Bivins

On Jan. 13, the CUSD school board met to decide how they would proceed with the decision on whether to reopen schools. In the end, they voted four to two in favor of starting in person school on Jan. 19. After I found out their decision on going back into school, I was disappointed. I understand that many students work better in school but by the end of last quarter, I was starting to feel very unsafe. Covid cases are hitting new highs each day and recently, Arizona has been one of the worst states in America with our amount of cases. Still, the school board decided to continue to go to school in person where there is much more of a risk of spreading the virus. I would understand letting elementary students and even middle grade students go in person, but at the high school level there are too many cases and students who aren’t taking the proper precautions. 

I myself feel much more comfortable online. I like the liberty of getting work done when it works for me and being at my house. It will be a hard transition back to in person, but there are some things I’m looking forward to. I’m excited to see my friends and catch up. I also enjoy my classes like Journalism and honors World History. 

Hopefully with the rise in cases since the last time we were in person there will be more cautions taken like making sure all students are wearing their masks and more prevention of crowding. I also hope the school board will stick to their promise and take us back to online when the two areas reach the red zone. I appreciate all of the teachers and staff that are working hard to make this the safest environment, but I am still incredibly nervous as to how they are planning to make sure students and teachers stay safe. I wish all students and teachers coming back a swift transition and a safe setting to continue our lessons.