Is Graduation a Scam?

Ava Appel

Seniors attending Hamilton High School have many important decisions to make in their final year of school before college. With these decisions come expenses; although the students may not be the ones paying for everything, they sure do have  thoughts on the final price check. The Hamilton Paw Print interviewed a few seniors to find out how the soon-to-be graduating Huskies view the high prices and if it affects their overall opinion on the importance of graduating.

We heard from senior, Robert Wickett, here is what he had to say, “It does not cost $100 to make a cap and gown…it should be a momentous thing and not something that should be used for profit.” Wickett also mentioned how the prices make many seniors not want to participate in the annual traditions. Many find joy participating in the school’s traditions. However, modern society has found a way to make it a for-profit industry. Students are seeing right through this tactic and don’t want to be a part of it anymore.

After interviewing a couple of other seniors, they felt that the situation is “stupid” and “a scam.” Another called the extra materialistic products companies are attempting to sell “…unreasonably expensive.” Hamilton seniors have made their voices loud and clear, graduation should be an important and exciting day, celebrating the end of high school. It should not be a day that stresses students and their families out by emptying their wallets.