Doing Your Chores

Abigail Schrauth

Making the bed is a pointless chore. Many young adults and children have had at least one argument with their parents against making their bed when doing their chores. 

Usually when told, the child responds with “why do I have to? It’s only gonna get messy again.” This is a valid statement, however making the bed is not as pointless as many make it out to be. Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of bed makers feel accomplished at the end of the day, versus just half of non-makers. That may be in part because 21 percent of bed makers start work right away when they get to the office, and 8 percent report doing tasks to the best of their ability. 

People with a Type A personality, it affects other part of their lives too. Bed-making survey takers reported better financial habits, like budgeting and saving money, and of course cleaning routines. A commanding 75 percent  said they have a tidy home, compared to just 43 percent of non-makers. They’re also twice as likely to never let food go bad in the fridge. Bed makers get on average seven hours and 19 minutes of sleep per night, versus non-makers’ measly six hours and 57 minutes. That adds up to over two and a half hours more shut-eye per week!