President Biden Discusses His Potential Re-Election


Ava Appel

With the mid-term coming up, politicians have many decisions to make. For President Joe Biden, his main decision is whether or not to run again for presidency.

When asked by CNN if he would run again, Biden responded, “…[running again is] just an intention. But is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen.” It seems that Biden has not fully decided on the future of his campaign. He considers himself a “bridge” candidate for younger generations, so perhaps he has someone else in mind for the 2024 presidential election. 

Giving an uncertain answer such as the one stated earlier, will only raise suspicion on the legitimacy of his rerun. If Biden gave a more certain answer, more people would grow confident in him as a leader. According to Biden the reason he did not give a definite answer is because he genuinely has not made up his mind. CNN reporter Chris Cillizza stated, “Throughout his political career, Biden has been known as someone who deliberate…before making a decision. It’s no surprise then that in this, the biggest decision of his political life, he hasn’t made up his mind yet.” You know that Biden is making questionable decisions if a mostly Democratic news station is calling him out.

The pressure for Biden to make a decision is on, and will only grow after the midterms. If former President Donald Trump announces his rerun before Biden, this could put Biden at a disadvantage as Trump will be ahead of the game. Many people believe that Trump is a threat to democracy, so this on top of all other factors, creates an even higher sense of urgency for Biden to plan his next step. With new decisions being made every day from the Supreme Court and other higher-ups, The United States needs certainty now more than ever.