Thoughts on Attending Homecoming 2022


Ava Appel

Every year Hamilton High School holds their homecoming dance, and every year it is a let down. The main thing that excites people for these dances is usually the theme, and this year’s theme is “Disco Fever.” Everyone hypes it up so much just for students of all grades to jump in a sweaty mosh pit for two-and-a-half hours. For seniors, they may want to go to this year’s homecoming dance as it is their last chance to; however, some seniors are saying every other dance they have been to has not been enjoyable. 

The people planning are not solely responsible for these disastrous dances; high school dances really are not even dances anymore, and that is the problem. School dances used to have a variety of music with people actually dancing, not just jumping up and down yelling lyrics they don’t even know. Where the night falls short is the actual execution of the dance: the theme and music never match, they don’t decorate that well-if at all, and the teachers are more strict than normal. With the “disco” theme this year, hopefully we can thoroughly follow through with all the details that go into planning a school dance. 

There are opinions on both sides of this argument. An anonymous senior said that they have never been to a homecoming dance before, and that they are very excited for this year’s dance. A senior with the opposite stance stated, “I’ve been every year before, and every year it sucks. The theme and music never match, it’s just like being in a club, and last year it was really hot because it was outside… I will not be attending this year.” The best solution would be to put more time and effort into the little details of the dance. Maybe students could be asked what they would like to see at these events, increasing excitement. With better execution, more people will want to attend and those who go every year will have a better time.