Why Halloween Just isn’t the Same

Ava Appel

Halloween is a time for children to dress up and enjoy being whoever they want to be for one night. There is a certain magic that childhood provides but the older people get, the more that magic starts to dissipate. The youthful spark starts to die out and teenagers, specifically, wonder why. Why, the older we get, the less special halloween is? Why can’t schools make a big deal about these exciting holidays like they used to?

There isn’t just one reason why Halloween, as well as other holidays, is not seen as that big of a deal anymore. There are many contributing factors: schools not decorating or doing fun activities with the students, kids growing up too quickly to the point of not going trick-or-treating and kids just growing up in general. When asked about an old school tradition during Halloween, twelfth grader, Lauren Biltmier, said, “We used to go around the hallways and trick-or-treat at the different classrooms.” If schools continued these traditions, even in high school, students could rekindle that childhood spark. Students who maybe don’t have any traditions waiting for them at home could have something to look forward to at school. Kids could feel like kids again instead of acting like it’s any other day.

It is inevitable as you get older to get less excited about things you used to, however, there are always chances to feel like a kid again. Halloween is one of those chances, a night to just have a good time and hop yourself up on sugar. Continuing these traditions in schools, at home, and all around the world is what keeps people’s inner children happy. People everywhere continue to lose that excitement more and more each year, but keeping the excitement alive is what these holidays are about.