A Discussion on the Best Thanksgiving Food


Ava Appel

Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends can get together simply for the sake of eating good food and relaxing. Purely focusing on the food aspect of the holiday, there have been many debates over what the best Thanksgiving food is. Although the “best” food is subjective there are many opinionated people out there. Along with the great food, there are also many traditions that warm up the homes of families all around the country.

Many students across Hamilton were interviewed and asked the question: “What is the best Thanksgiving Food?” Senior, Juli Aguirre, had a strong opinion on turkey and ham as main dishes: “Nobody likes turkey, and if you eat ham you’re just weird.” She also stated that these opinions could be due to her mother’s cooking skills. Her answer to the original question was, “It’s a close tie between mac & cheese and mashed potatoes.” Another student agreed with Aguirre that mashed potatoes is the best Thanksgiving food, this was a popular opinion this season. On the other side of the debate was a senior who said that turkey was the best Thanksgiving food: “My mom puts oranges and lemons inside the turkey, so it’s not dry.” Perhaps the hate directed towards turkey should really be directed to the people preparing the turkeys. Americans could follow the lead of this senior’s mom and work towards better tasting turkeys; after-all, it is the staple of every Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is also a time of tradition. Many families’ tradition is simply having lunch or dinner together. When asked about the best Thanksgiving food, students were also asked about annual traditions. A sophomore said that her family goes to her grandma’s house and spends the whole day with her family. My family has lunch and watches “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and lounges around for the rest of the day. We also watch the Thanksgiving special on “SNL” and just enjoy each other’s company. So whether you sit at home, or go somewhere with your family or friends, Thanksgiving is a time when anyone can have some good food and relax.