Mental Health Affecting Teen’s


Nick Kier

There are 50 million Americans a year who suffer from severe mental health issues. Now if you’re like me you are either struggling with mental turmoil or know someone who is. Everywhere you look you will find people with depression, anxiety, or some other mental disorder that is killing them. people are suffering and I want to know why.

That’s 800,00 people a year. The second most leading cause of death from people aged from 18-24. Why are people dying in vast numbers? Is it the food we eat? The drugs were prescribed? The things were exposed too? Why are kids dying in masses by their own hands? I go on social media and regularly see posts from people who have lost someone close due to suicide. Is this becoming the new norm? 

Over 100,000 children a year from ages 15-19 commit suicide. 18.8 percent of high school students seriously consider suicide and 8.9 percent will attempt suicide within their high school career. That baffles me, why isn’t this being addressed. Why does nobody care? They pretend to by saying “we’re here for you” and by having a “mental health awareness month.” Please, who the hell is benefitting from that besides the people who use it to make them look good. Why are the children of this “Great Nation” hating life so much that they are willing to end it?