America’s Streak in Incompetence


Lea Flavier

Blind idolatry and loyalism towards politicians are no strangers to America. People on both sides of the spectrum tend to lean towards leaders with ideologies and principles similar to theirs. Knowing the subjectiveness to which everyone’s moral compass aligns, this great divide in politics makes it difficult to create concrete decisions that would please everyone. This is why filling the role of a president, especially to a first world country, proves to be an intimidating, and grueling task. And with such a task, it requires a figure with a competent, responsible nature; a feat extremely rare for politicians to carry.

Today, gas prices stand at an all time high, hand in hand with a crippling inflation rate due to the Biden administration’s ineffective planning and budgeting. Moreover, his spineless leadership welcomes foreign adversaries into the country, as well as a surge in illegal immigration, high crime rates, an economic distress and fentanyl overdoses. While this only scrapes the surface of his catastrophic decision making choices, that beyond doubt is an inadequate presidency for all U.S citizens.

Just because Biden is doing terrible, doesn’t mean Trump is all that great of an alternative. During his term, Trump was under constant fire and was vulnerable to media attacks due to his discriminatory racist, misogynistic and anti-LGBT+ comments. Additionally, nobody forgot how he incited the Capitol attacks in Washington, where he urged his supporters to riot after his loss against Biden an event that led to the death of five people. His failure to be transparent about his tax returns, his misuse of government for his own financial gain, corruption, and power abuse, as well as his conspiracy theories that invoke distrust and divide within the country are only a few of the myriad of reasons why it would be grave for the citizens of America to reinstate him as president.

With the heat that Joe Biden is taking along with news of Donald Trump running again for presidency in 2024, our country faces a difficult decision. It’s time that we disregard the colors, the parties and gimmicks, and instead stand as one to decide for the general future of America. We need fresh, new faces in power with the capability to think thoroughly and preferably, with a compassionate heart for us, the citizens, who they’re supposed to be serving and not the other way around.