Children Are Growing Up Too Fast


Ava Appel

Kids these days are growing up in a world that remembers and judges everything they do without remorse for feeling or mental maturity. Social media has taken kids’ childhoods and has turned them into fuel to be made fun of for. Kids can no longer be kids, they are growing up too fast. They have infinite access to everything and at a young age the mental capacity is simply not there to contain and cognitively understand what they are seeing. They can see that the world is in disarray, and everyone’s too busy fighting each other to actually fix the problem. Children are just that, children, they need to focus on being a child, learning from their mistakes and having fun, but in the world we live in today, they can’t do that. 

Another prospect is the parents. Parents are throwing screens in front of their child’s faces more than ever. It is important for children to have relationships with their parents and not a phone or a tablet. Too much time on a screen is quite harmful for young children. Not only does it hurt their cognitive functions, but can also hold them back from furthering themselves in a classroom setting. Not to mention the decrease in attention spans due to screens. 

Having an awkward phase in adolescence is often very humbling and a big part of shaping them as people. When they are not humbled from their own behaviors and habits, they become arrogant and grow up to be someone people avoid. They also never learn from their mistakes and take that mindset into early adulthood. Children skip past confidence and get stuck in a brash state of being. At the end of the day, kids need time to be kids; too much exposure to too many things is detrimental to their youth.