Valentine’s Day at Hamilton High School


Ava Appel

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year when we can dress up a little, buy heart-shaped things, and express our inner hopeless romantic. It is also one of the few holidays that you either love or hate, and this usually has to do with whether you have someone to celebrate it with. We interviewed senior at Hamilton High School, Zahra Alsooz:, and she said, “I think people should have a reason to be cute because they want to and it makes them happy,”Alsooz mentioned. Many people like Alsooz just love the holiday for the cute traditions rather than for who they may or may not be celebrating with. Valentine’s Day is not just enjoyable for teenagers, but people of all ages.

Math teacher, Mr. Maag was interviewed as well: “It’s an awesome holiday, it’s all about love…plus you get to wear red.” Granted, he is a Nebraska College football fan which explains the love for the color red, but he still appreciates the holiday. Hamilton High School always decorates the halls for Valentine’s Day with hearts that have every student’s name on them. Student Government also encourages students and staff to wear pink and/or red to help spread the love. You will see young love all over the campus with flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals and more. 

This Valentine’s Day, find something to make you happy; whether that be your valentine, friends or yourself. Buy someone some flowers, get yourself some chocolate, take some time to tell someone how much you really love them. This is the one day a year when you can be as cheesy as you want and get all fancied up. You can even stay home, throw on some pajamas and watch a Rom-Com; whatever you do, take this day to appreciate the beauty of the world around you.