The Double Standard Between Men and Women in Relationships


Ava Appel

In many ways, men and women are often viewed differently when displaying the same behaviors. An example of this is how different peers’ reactions are when a man cheats on their significant other versus when a woman cheats. When a man cheats, he is a disgusting pig, which is not wrong. However, when a woman cheats it is often viewed as empowering or a way of claiming back her feminine power. This is simply wrong; cheating, no matter who commits the act, is a cowardly and disgusting concept. Empowering women is one thing, but praising bad decisions and behavior is completely different, and it is important that the difference between the two are acknowledged so that the empowerment of women does not get lost in a double standard. Another thing that has been overlooked with one group over the other is assault. According to, one in 20 men have experienced rape or sexual assault as an adult. However, the societal norm is seeing women as the only victims. Men are so often influenced to not say anything because when men do speak up, they are so rarely heard or believed. 

A very common double standard is also that of handling financial situations. Many women would be flattered and even ecstatic if their boyfriend or husband always offered to pay or help out with finances. However, it is very common for women to be turned off or annoyed if a man needed help with a finance. Although it is more than okay for men to want to provide for their girlfriend or wife, it should also be okay for a man to depend on a woman the same way a woman should be able to depend on a man. 

If more couples learned how to properly communicate their wants, needs, boundaries and expectations, there would be less of these double standards. There would also be less misinterpretation of what is seen as disrespectful and strengthen relationships overall. Letting one partner do or say something and punishing the other for the same thing is pure hypocrisy and does nothing but cause arguments. Stopping-or at least decreasing this immensely will sprout healthier relationships and fair expectations between men and women.