Politics Vs. Relationships

Abigail Schrauth

Christians and Muslims. Mormons and Buddhists. Ketchup and ice cream. Each of these don’t go well together. A person can be so devout in their faith that they refuse to acknowledge anything but. Their religion is always right. That’s what the extremists would think anyway. It’s like saying, ‘the customer is always right.’ When they’re really not. That’s how politics and relationships don’t mix very well if they are of opposite beliefs. A devoted democrat and a hardcore conservative don’t go together. It’s like mixing Tito’s with Coors. 

Relationships can’t withstand a lot nowadays with everyone having being different opinions about two genders. The slightest disagreement leads to one of them walking out and never speaking to each other again. The toxicity is brutal. For mature people born in a more sensible generation, know that things must be talked through and dealt with like proper human beings. A relationship takes two people to keep it together. But Politics can get in the way of those two sensible individuals.

One could support Biden and the other could support Trump, due to the 2020 election. That relationship would be over by now. In 2017, research showed that a significant number of divorces were due to a difference of political views within the marriage. However, politics aren’t always the main cause of divorce or breakups. Any sane person would realize and acknowledge that. 

However, as much as relationships are plundering due to absurd disagreements, research shows that couples with different political ideologies are no more likely to break up than couples with similar political ideologies. So, what did we learn today? That’s right. People ruin their own relationships, politics don’t have anything to do with it. So go date that insanely opposite guy or girl. Nothing’s stopping you except your head.