High School Heartbreak


Ava Appel

The end of the school year is coming up and couples, specifically senior couples, are thinking about the future. Many couples are breaking up to go to different colleges, or if they want to leave high school single. The end of the school year is when a lot of breakups happen and when a lot of high schoolers try to become better versions of themselves for graduation and college-or wherever they may be going after high school. Breakups are a natural part of high school, but they’re definitely not fun to go through. 

We interviewed an anonymous senior and asked how she got through her breakup this year. She said that focusing on yourself and trying not to check up on them to see what they’re up to helps a lot. Trying your best to forget about the other person can be difficult, especially if you see them around school. Being in high school always adds an extra kick to a breakup, there’s going to be drama, rumors and people getting their feelings hurt. Another tip from the student interviewed was to remember why you and your ex-partner broke up, if it was a very good reason you know you wouldn’t be that happy if you were still in that relationship, it’s definitely a sign that you two should not be together anymore. It will hurt for a while, then one day it won’t and just trying your best to not romanticize the past will help you move on quicker. 

Breakups are almost never easy, and with more couples breaking up as we approach the end of the year, it may be time for some reflection. If you are in a good, healthy relationship you should definitely try your best to keep it. But if you don’t think your relationship is a positive addition to your life, or you’re not feeling seen in your relationship, you might fall into the crowd of those breaking up at the end of high school. Another thing to remember, although it may be painful to hear, is that this is only high school; the person you are with now does not have to be the person you are with forever. I send good luck to those high schoolers who are in happy relationships, and even more good luck to those going through breakups right now.