Huskies’ Comfort Movies


Ava Appel

Everyone has their comfort movies, those movies that you just want to lay down and watch with a good snack at the end of a long day. For some, it’s a classic comedy, and for others it’s a disturbing horror film. But how can comfort films be so different for everyone? To answer this it is important to understand why our favorite movies are our favorite; it’s all about familiarity. We latch onto something that brings us comfort and then we grow a sense of familiarity; in a way it’s a coping mechanism. Something that we can rely on for this comfort is watching movies. We interviewed some huskies around the campus to hear some of their comfort movies.

The first student we interviewed was senior Ryan Pareti. When asked what his comfort movie was he said, “Cars 2, definitely. I watched it a lot as a kid and it always cheers me up.” This was a very wholesome answer and when a math teacher overheard this interview he wanted to join in. Mr. Maag’s comfort movie is “The Fugitive.” He then performed a monologue for the class and explained that he likes the movie because he’s been watching it for a very long time. 

Our final interviews were with Cailynn Parsons and Zara Daudi. Daudi’s comfort film is surprisingly “Midsommar. It may not be common but most horror films bring comfort to her. Parsons, with a more wholesome answer, said that her comfort movie was any of the “Santa Clause” films with Tim Allen. Any Christmas time movie that reminds her of her childhood, will bring comfort and joy to Parsons. Whether your comfort movie is a comedy, horror or drama, it is always nice to have those one or two films to come home to after a long day.