Former President Trump Facing Difficult Decisions

Nick Kier

Former President, Donald Trump is holding off on officially launching a third presidential campaign in light of recent controversy. His Mar-a-Lago estate was raided by the FBI and this only raises concerns for Republicans in November. Until now, Trump was hoping for a red wave but due to this occurrence, this may not happen. The target launch date was Labor Day weekend, however, Trump has, “…spent the past few weeks backing away from that timeline following the FBI search…”(CNN.). While the timeline is subject to change before November, it seems that Trump is hesitant to jump into the 2024 primary.

Advisors of Trump suggest he should address the legal fallout first, before announcing any news regarding his re-run. If he does not address it before starting his campaign, people will focus more on that than the issues discussed in competitive races. Others are saying if Trump announces his re-run too early they will run out of money for his campaign, leaving him below the other Republican candidates. The last thing Trump would want to be blamed for, is making the Republicans lose the Senate due to his so-called “pride.”

Others, however, think Trump should announce his campaign now. An unnamed person stated, “They are going to blame him no matter what, so he should just announce.” Republican operatives believe-despite all the controversy surrounding Trump-he will not face a real primary threat even though it is very likely for him to face challenges. Trump complained how he is, “always being persecuted for something.” You would think if he is tired of getting in trouble for his actions, he would take a look in the mirror and realize that he is the one who keeps messing up. For now it is about whether Trump wants to face his legal troubles, or focus on his future in politics.