The FBI Allegedly Influencing Past Elections

Nick Kier

Back in the 2020 election the FBI issued a warning to Mark Zukerburg, The founder and CEO of Facebook, to censor Hunter Biden’s page, because it contained information that would hurt Biden’s presidential election. This is the first time that the FBI has been proven to influence an election and if they are influencing elections what other things are they doing under the nose of the public?

A New York Post article says that a laptop owned by Hunter Biden- that was abandoned in a repair shop- contained emails of Joe Biden using his power to help his son’s business in Ukraine. If this information was available during the election I believe that the outcome would be different. This is proof of the highest level of corruption in the United States.

Ukraine is currently involved in a war with Russia and the federal government is sending billions of dollars over to aid Ukraine. A recent investigation showed that Russia was committing war crimes, how convenient that after Biden abuses his power to help his son’s business, they go into war and we send billions over to aid them. More things come up about Russia that paints them as the sole “bad guy” to get the heat off the backs of the Biden administration as the American people begin to distrust and disapprove of the government. 

Now I’m not saying that the federal government had a part to do in starting this proxy war, which is what this is, but I do believe that there is more going on then the federal government is letting on and there is corruption at the highest level of government. They have once trusted organizations like the FBI doing things to influence the American people, and the Biden Administration is not that different from Putin and the Russian oligarchy, Biden is corrupt and senile and he has the FBI acting like the KGB.