The State of The Union

Lea Flavier

United States President Joe Biden issued officially the State of the Union at the capitol in a lengthy speech last week. In the duration of his speech, he faced occasional ridicule and name-calling from the opposing party, the Republicans. Despite this, he pulled his message through with a chest swollen in pride and optimism, refusing to waver in his stance. During his hour and thirteen minute-long speech, what of  the myriad adversities the country is against at present did he address?

As the oldest serving president in the United States’ history with hopes of re-election, it is duty to Biden to show vigor and passion towards his speech. American health and economy were one of his main focuses, with infrastructure and the police coming close. In his reign as president, many Americans feel as though he is not doing enough for the overall well-being of the country, from both sides of the spectrum alike. While he has passed a great number of legislation, it is felt rather barely, according to the majority of political polls. He talks about this to share his grievances with the common people, and his plans for the economy of America. He also mentions China and their spy balloon, where he received criticism from Republicans for his sluggish action towards its disabling. He professes with utmost urgency his concern for the incident and asks for bipartisan support to be able to counter China if ever it threatens the country’s sovereignty.

In response to the speech, the Republican party brought Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who at 40 is the youngest governor of the nation. Her speech was a rather stark contrast to the heckling that the Republicans towards Biden and remained tranquil towards its end. Sanders calls out Biden for appealing towards woke fantasies and mentions how democratic ideals are crazy. She asks her viewers to elect a new generation of politicians, a sentiment that appeared to both ways with no hints of favor.