Trump for Running 2024 Election

Abigail Schrauth

Once again, former president Donald Trump is back at it again, boasting his rerun for president in the 2024 elections. His focus is defeating the democrats, exposing the rig of the 2020 election, and putting the government back on track. His rival Gov. Ron DeSantis with a rather overwhelming personality contradicts his plans, yet we see no evidence of his campaign for presidency. Trump promises to end the war with Ukraine, while DeSantis vows to make it a cultural war rather than a proxy war to save foreign democracy. The two rivals have zero compassion or love for each other. They would rather see the other go down with their loss. Former president Trump wants to forward more money into expanding and securing the borders rather than protecting Ukraine. Whereas, it’s clear Biden cares more about foreigners than the actual citizens of America. 

It became apparent that Trump and the Russian president Vladmir Putin remain allies and Trump looks to rekindle their genuflecting relationship.’. Donald states, “before I even arrive at the Oval Office, I will have the disastrous war between Russia and Ukraine settled. … I will get the problem solved. And I will get it solved in rapid order and it will take me no longer than one day,” Trump said. “I know exactly what to say to each of them,” he added, before hinting at a potential strategy of siding with the aggressor in the war by reminding his audience, “I got along very well with Putin.”

DeSantis hasn’t been transparent on his plans with the dealings of Ukraine, it remains unknown to the public eye. Though he is not yet running for President, it seems that he is heading in that direction.