Trump vs. Prosecutors

Abigail Schrauth

It’s no secret that everyone is after former President Donald Trump, public figures are threatened by his mere presence. He has the ability to do so many good things for America, but everyone is desperately trying to impeach him for reasons that don’t comply with his honorable character. There are many “witnesses” being paid to testify against him. The Liberals and Democrats are doing everything possible to get rid of him permanently. It’s why they rigged the 2020 election. Unfortunately for the whole country it backfired and now we’re stuck with someone who is a pawn for others behind him, such as Kamala Harris (who is a major threat to the Republicans and Conservatives).

Lately, Trump has been upping his endorsements and overtaking DeSantis. He is on a mission to uncover the truth about the 2020 elections due to him feeling robbed of what was rightfully his. Fulton County prosecutors have begun to question Trump’s attorney in the courtroom and Trump’s team has begun to bring to light the paid witnesses and make them accountable for their false testimonies. 

Fulton’s prosecutors didn’t make any specifications of what they were looking to uncover while investigating Christina Bobb. Seems they are not doing their job well enough if there are no real reasons to question Bobb. As for now, Trump is making more and more progress each day and his running for the future 2024 President looks to be bright. With nothing to accuse him of and zero evidence to back up whatever claims they may have, prosecutors are at a standstill. We’ll have to see what other lies they come up with.