Money Trail

Abigail Schrauth

There has been many speculations and many rumors surrounding Joe Biden’s presidency, nothing that nobody is unfamiliar with. However, every president has had a couple skeletons in his closet. Joe Biden’s, is his financial record. The White House is identifying it as the smoking gun to produce a political stunt. 

This financial issue is connected to the son of the president, Hunter Biden and also his brother James, as well as numerous associates who have been receiving payments in the millions from international countries such as China and the small government of Romania. Assumptions are being made that the money is part of a scheme that is being made to improve the family name. The congressional republican actually followed an extensive trail to uncover these allegations. There were about 150 activity reports that aided their search in Biden’ surprisingly complicated trail of money.

Other financial records were discovered using congressional subpoenas and lawsuits in order to obtain more evidence and have become the center of the ongoing investigation. After being called out, The White House has waved the accusations and evidence away by calling it a political stunt. Congressman Comer is being dismissed as a frivolous man with a history of uncertain facts and failing to conduct his investigation with true legitimacy. 

SAR’s are being reported and only so when there is a possible record of money laundering, fraud/illicit finance(including depository firms, casinos, banks, and loan companies), and counterfeit money. Hunter and James Biden have allegedly been making big payments which have been flagged and reported to federal authorities.

Clearly the Biden family is in a bit of trouble and yet another president is taking advantage of his position as well as the family of.