Link Crew: get linked in


Joy Custer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Link Crew, the club focused on upperclassmen helping freshmen and new students with the transition to high school, is now accepting applications for students interested in being members next year.

Link Crew consists of students from a broad spectrum of categories: arts, athletics, career and technical classes, and gaming—and they are looking for even more to participate in the club next year.

“I think [Link Crew] is a great group of kids to look up to as far as mentors and leaders, making freshmen feel welcome. We’ve all been freshmen, feeling scared and lonely, so it’s good for [the freshmen] to meet people before they start high school,” says Mrs. Pollnow, one of Link Crew’s advisers.

The goal of Link Crew is for the students to be a supportive group to help freshmen. The club also wants to be used as a resource for administration—Link Crew can step in and help out by offering any extra support or reinforcement in an encouraging way.

“We are looking to create a sense of community and positive environment with a successful transition for freshmen and new students,” Ms. Dooley, a Link Crew adviser, emphasizes. “We will set our own goals to meet freshmen needs. These could be anything from decreasing administrative referrals to increasing attendance or improving academics.”

Link Crew is not only beneficial to freshmen, but also upperclassmen. The freshmen are able to receive advice and information before they start high school, and upperclassmen are able to make a positive impact in other students’ lives.

Nicole Hill (11) says, “ I like bonding with the freshmen. They’re fun!”

“The best part of Link Crew is making friends with the freshmen during Freshmen Orientation,” says Emily Galloway (11).

Eddie Lai (11) exclaims, ”Man, my favorite thing about Link Crew is definitely being able to interact with all these little kids and being able to, like, show off my abilities of being an amazing high school student.

If you are interested in being a part of a club that improves your leadership skills while helping students adjust to high school life, fill out a Link Crew application. Applications are due on February 3rd by 3:00 p.m. and can be found online on the Link Crew page of the Hamilton website: