Miracle Minute


Jamie Lindsay, General Staff

On Friday, February 7, Hamilton’s student council held a
“Miracle Minute” event. After the Pledge of Allegiance, during the
moment of silence, teachers had one minute to go around the class
with an envelope collecting as much money as they could from
students in their classrooms. In just one minute, Hamilton High School
raised $2,042.74. The money will be benefiting the Special Olympics
and our very own HHS Unified Sports team.
Student Council member, Abdul Manfoukh said, “We are still
waiting for the results to find out if we raised the most money of all the
chandler schools in that one minute.”
$2,000 of the profit will be given to the Special Olympics and the
remainder of the money will be kept for the Unified Sports team.
Student Council has also sold candy, and tried to do an “annoying”
music event during all three lunches until too many complaints were
made about the obnoxious music. The music was going to play until
they stopped raising money. Each lunch raised about $70, making a
little more than $210.
A miracle was definitely made within that one minute. These kids
deserve nothing less than what we are able to give. Their enthusiasm
and bright personalities deserve all the help we can provide so they
can continue participating in sports they love. Two similar organizations
were supported tremendously. Hamilton’s Best Buddies president and
also the team captain of the school’s Unified Sports team, Jordan
Yergler (10), spoke about the event. “I was amazed by the generosity
of the huskies and allowing us to make so many more dreams come