Teachers save the kitchen

Kaylie Burke, Media Editor

Hamilton’s ceramics, photo, and yearbook expert, Ms. Hackett has gracefully stepped into a Culinary Arts Instructor position this semester. Being short-staffed, the culinary department was in great need of another teacher and, luckily, Ms. Hackett was able to swoop in and save the day. With the help of her experienced colleague, Mr. Chaney, Hamilton culinary arts instructor, Ms. Hackett, has quickly adopted the teaching styles of the culinary world. We interviewed Ms. Hackett to see how well she has adjusted to teaching the class after one short semester, and interviewed Mr. Chaney to better understand the importance of culinary arts.

Q: Ms. Hackett, how have you been able to help out the culinary department this semester?
A: Because of unforeseen circumstances I was able to step in to teach after becoming certified as a FACS teacher through the CTE program.

Q: Have you enjoyed teaching culinary arts this semester?
A: It is actually a lot of fun! I have a very good class with a lot of good kids. They make it a lot easier to transition into teaching culinary.

Q: Do you plan to continue teaching culinary next year?
A: I don’t think I will teach culinary nest year because it is not my subject of choice. However, I do plan to continue teaching both photo and yearbook.

Q: Have you faced any struggles transitioning into the class?
A: No, none!

Q: Has Mr. Chaney’s experience helped guide you through teaching the new class?
A: He’s been awesome! I’ve been following his lead. It’s been a lot of teamwork and organization. It makes the kitchen flow well.

We asked Mr. Chaney how his culinary class affects his students.
“My culinary classroom is ‘family central.’ Life happens there. It’s not only where we cook, but also where we discuss our lives. I equate cooking with life. Teaching Culinary Arts gives me the stage to encourage students to search for their purpose in life and then develop a hard work ethic to achieve their goals. I teach them the value of passion, drive, focus and urgency in the pursuit of personal and professional goals. “

In a collaboration of the arts, Ms. Hackett and Mr. Chaney are able to use their teaching abilities to positively impact their students, and teach them how to cook along the way.