Students win “Most Creative Film”

Kennedy Munter, Staff Reporter

Hamilton’s own Eric Nakamoto (9) and Reed Daniel (10) entered a video into the
“Most Creative Film” competition at the First Annual Chandler Film Festival. The clip was also an entry for the Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge, though the boys
didn’t win that competition.
The video features two young boys appearing to be racing their trucks down a dirt
road. One boy starts slowing while the other pumps his brakes frantically trying to
stop. The next scene shows the boy lying on the ground, clearly injured and in need
of help. The friend he was racing runs out of his car and over to help the boy, and
the video ends with an ad from Toyota encouraging teens to learn safe driving tips
When asked what the inspiration for the video was, Eric said “it started out as a PSA,
a public service announcement, but turned into a comedy.” Though the video has a
humorous undertone, its message is important and clear: teens are in desperate
need of a lesson in safe driving skills.