Hamilton student opening for Chandler Jazz Festival

Alex Price, Managing Editor

If you’re a follower of music in the local area, and you haven’t heard of the Chandler Jazz Festival by now, it’s a great place to be this weekend, March 27th to the 28th. It’s a local music festival held in downtown Chandler near Santan Brewery, and it is a great place to hear great music locally. Jazz, blues, and a little rock all emanate from the square in downtown Chandler, and it is a great place to be.

This year, opening the line-up for the “Blues Night” on Thursday, March 27th is one of Hamilton’s own, Brian Kabala (10), who plays guitar and will be kicking off the festival.

“I bought a pair of bongos from Bart Salzman one day, the person who runs the festival, and we started emailing. He eventually asked me if I wanted to play in the Jazz Festival, and I was thrilled,” Kabala said about landing this opportunity.

In preparation for this great gig, Kabala has been practicing a lot and he’s “been using a lot of backing tracks to practice for playing the music on the stage.” Kabala appeared on the Channel 12 morning news on March 25th to promote his upcoming performance. Make sure to watch the video and check out Kabala’s performance live at the Chandler Jazz Festival this weekend!