The 2017 Husky Dog Pound


Miranda Rothchild

  A ritual that has been passed down for years. A group of boys that attends every football game with spirit and enthusiasm to pump up the crowd. The Hamilton High school dog pound.

  This years dog pound consists of  Tyler Dubuque, Hayden Baker, Jacob Thiele, Grant Benich, Jace Hudlin, Connor Roe, Mikey Bortono, Ron Hong, and Trey Goodrich. All of these senior boys make up the crowd of every football game. They are bringing back many routines like the roller coaster, and HHS. This year the boys are going to use the parting of red sea more.

  Also this year’s husky dog pound made a new board for the games. Hayden Baker (12) gave some insight on what the new board looks like “it has turf on it, and we painted the turf” The board was not finished for the first game, yet they managed to carry the team into victory. The husky dog pound plan to lead the football team into more victories as well as having one of the best student sections in the state.