Cancer Hits Close to Home

Cancer Hits Close to Home

Miranda Rothchild

Charles Gonzales is a well-known security guard that has been working at Hamilton for 13 years. Every day he greets the students with a smile on his face. Bria Klemzak (11) says “When ever I am having a bad day and I see Charles he always makes me feel welcome.”

Unfortunately Charles was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September and immediately started receiving daily radiation treatments. He is now in week 5 of treatments and his last day is coming up on November 10th.  Charles has not missed a day of work during these treatments and comes in early to work, then leaves for treatment and returns within an hour to finish his work day.

There is a way to give back to him. A fundraiser was set up by a co-worker with a goal of 10,000 dollars. Half of the goal has been reached as of 11/2 by 182 donors. Lyric Pote (12) donated to the cause and says that “ Charles is always nice and really deserves the money he is being given. I was glad to help him out.” Nobody deserves to  be going through this, especially Charles.

To donate and help Charles with his medical expenses, follow the link: