Introducing The All Great American Musical Disaster


Taylor Smith

The All Great American Musical Disaster has opened at Hamilton High School and been a great success! Staring Grey Smith (12) as Junior Dover Jr., a flop of a film producer searching for inspiration for a new film. Ethel Kent, his trusty secretary, played by Molly Butcher (11) tries her best to keep Junior out of trouble.

The show is full of wild and loud wannabe Hollywood stars, including Chuckles Lafoon, the “funniest” woman in show business played by Autumn Neil (12), Apassionatta Abalone, an out-of-date Hollywood actress, played by Sophia Donnell (11), Baby Bernice, a terrible wannabe child star, played by Heather (12), Gee-Gee Fontaine, a gorgeous actress with a revolting voice, played by Alyssa Granger (11), Plato Voltaire, an aspiring director, played by Alexander Darmawaskita (12), and many more of our very own notable Hamilton actors.

Be sure to see the fall play and support our theatre department on Thursday, November 9, at 6:30, or Friday, November 10, at 2:00 and 6:30! You won’t want to miss it!