Dawg Pound 2018

Marlene Alvarado and Adam Worthy

Hamilton’s Dawg Pound has kept the schools spirit pumped up for years, and they plan to make it even bigger and better. They show constant support for all sports and bring excitement to the atmosphere. The 2018-2019 Dawg Pound has 10 members including veterans and newcomers. Every year the Dawg Pound excites the crowd with new cheers, chants, and fun ways to hype up the game. Having the power to direct the crowd, Dawg Pound this year has a different way of incorporating everyone, not just seniors.


Hamilton has over 4,000 students, which makes it difficult to include them in all school spirit. The student section at football games is separated by grade. Typically, with freshmen at the top of the stands and seniors at the bottom. This year Dawg Pound plans on including the freshman and the other grades. JD McLaughlin (12) says, “we want to have more student involvement, especially with freshman”. Dawg Pound won’t disappoint this football season and the upcoming freshman class.


Dawg Pound will have better themes, with previous years having themes such as camo, jersey, beach/hawaiian, and blackout. Cooper Newlin (12) said, “we want to take the games to a new level and have better themes”. Not only do they want to make it bigger and better, but they will keep tradition with the chants.


Hamilton football games are always hype and are a great way to come together with friends and family. Dawg Pound does a fantastic job of interacting with the crowd. They do amazing cheers that gets the crowd jumping and hyped. One of the main cheers is the HHS chant. Tyler Curvey (12) said, “The HHS chant is easily my favorite hype cheer”.


This year Dawg Pound will be new and improved. Come out and support our huskies this year. Let’s make this year one to remember.