Inside Scoop on the New Building!

Isabella Klemeneic and Emma Lavoie

4,000 students are at Hamilton High School, and there are not enough classrooms to teach them in. The incoming class of 2022 is the first to experience the New building. Including old teachers and first year teachers, the new addition to the school is much needed. While it is convenient for students, it’s proved challenging for the teachers moving into it. It’s the first year with a new building, and the impact it has on the teachers is greater than it seems.

Returning teachers are now in a separate building far away from all the action. Some incoming teachers are located in the new building, which is far from the main building, and don’t get to experience everything Hamilton has to offer. Mrs. Castillo, who teaches freshman, talked about being in the new building, the teachers lounge, and restrooms, saying “I don’t go there, I bought a portable oven to warm up my food …we have one staff restroom which is on the first floor at the beginning of the N building”. The new building doesn’t offer a teachers lounge, and there is no time to go back and forth from the main building. Staff bathrooms are very limited. Teachers in this building barely have time for a restroom break.

With the addition of the new building there is more room for students; however, it also raises the issue of getting around the school. For most freshman, it is now easier since most of their classes are in the same place. Jaryn Ritter Felix confides that “it’s easy to get from class to class”.

The move has mainly affected the veteran teachers that have had to pack up all their things only to unpack in an unfamiliar room. The school has it all under control according to Ms. Bateson (9) who explains that “All of our items were in our classrooms before we arrived. It was actually impressive how fast the custodial staff managed to get our items into our rooms”. The only shock for the new inhabitants of the building was the newest update to their technology: “The lights are motion sensitive which surprised some of us at first” Ms. Bateson tells, amused. One last thing that catches their eye is that “Most of us want to decorate the hallways and spirit week will give us this chance” states Ms. Bateson. This is something the freshman can look forward to!

There are new and old Huskies, all with different viewpoints on the addition to Hamilton. The building will be a part of Hamilton for years to come, and only time will tell how it will withstand the might of our students.