Class of 2022


It’s a new year at Hamilton High School. An array of new expectations, new opportunities, and fresh starts. As the next generation of Huskies roll in with exuberant and enthusiastic attitudes, they prepare themselves for the storm ahead.

High school is a big milestone for every kid.There are many high school based television shows that place a facade about what high school is actually like. With all the anticipations and expectations, many new freshman were able to explain their thoughts. Payton Humble (9) explains his expectations, “I thought we would have more freedom and fun than junior high school.” High school’s hard work and high expectations prepare students for college and adult life.

The first day of highschool is highly anticipated: walking in with a fresh outfit and a new outlook on life. But the first day doesn’t always work out. Aspen Keithley (9) explains her first day, “I was riding home from school on my bike, and I fell over and hurt myself.  Then I cried the whole way home.” Every day won’t be a bad day, resulting in crying and a hurt knee. Most days will be exciting and filled with many adventures. Jackson Rothchild (9) says, “I can’t wait for football season to start back up, the games seem so fun.” High school is a big journey in everyone’s lives.

Teachers expect a lot from their students to get them ready for college. The first year of highschool is just the beginning.