Record Temperatures in Arizona


Max Pulido and Connor Manning

For the last couple of days, the temperature in Arizona has been ridiculously hot! People from Arizona and new residents are feeling the effects of this brutal heat wave. Even at night, with the sun long gone, temperatures are still cracking 100 degrees. The heat has started to affect people around the Valley. Many residents are seen at burn centers, treating burns caused from simple things, like touching car interiors, and walking on the pavement with bare feet. The month of July did not see a single day where the high wasn’t over 100 degrees, with highs of 115, and 116 degrees.

Local School security Guard “Doc” commented, “100-105 is reasonable, but recently with the temperatures at 110-115 is way more uncomfortable.”

This recent heat wave has hit the students of Hamilton hard. Many of the students have had to cope with these recent temperatures as of late, Nolan Parrish (11), a new student in Arizona said, “It’s a lot hotter than where I’m from, it has caused me to drink a lot more water.”

Students that have been here a for awhile still have trouble adjusting to the heat. Student Brianna Hickman (11) said, “It’s really hot, and sometimes it is hard for me to breathe.”

Thankfully for most, the temperatures are supposed to drop in the upcoming weeks, with the expected forecast to be in the low 100’s next week. Soon we might finally see some cooler weather that would better with all the athletes that are playing outdoor sports. Recent reports has been brought up that a few of the football players around the Valley, have experienced dehydration, and some have even come close to passing out.

Let’s hope that everyone stays safe, and the heat wave will be over soon enough.