The Beauty of the World of Musical Theater: Hamilton Students Express How Theater Has Impacted Them

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The Beauty of the World of Musical Theater: Hamilton Students Express How Theater Has Impacted Them

Adison Johnson

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Musical Theater in one word is a journey. A journey of discovering one’s self, figuring out their place in this world or even finding out what the true definition of love is. Broadway has been around for quite sometime, since the first theater opening in 1899. Each show that comes is different and unique. They leave us with a divergent perspective on how to change or pursue life. Many of Hamilton’s own students watch, listen, and participate in the world of musical theater.


Christina Vail is the drama teacher for Hamilton. She has been with hamilton for 17 years and has been a teacher in drama for Hamilton for 15 years. Ms. Vail has been in professional and community theater for 25 years.

Ms. Vail tells how she feels like she has found her calling in life. “I get the opportunity to watch students grow as artists and people, sometimes over 4 entire years, and we all invest our time and energy into a shared piece of art.” She gets to help students find their callings in writing or performing their very own pieces.


Hamilton theater does two shows every year, at the beginning of the year then a big show for the end of the year. This past end of the year show was Bye Bye Birdie, for some of the actors it was their debut show. For Jaide Montefour (11), it was her first high school show. “When I first auditioned for the show I was super nervous [and then] I got the text that i had gotten Nancy and was so excited.”

She mentioned how everyone was so welcoming and the “theater community is super accepting and everyone is loved.” That could be a main reason for why so many bloom into their individual selves through show biz.


Being apart of theater allows for so much self discovery to occur. Each show, character and setting is different. Every song lyric helps those in every kind of way. Theater is important for most, let us keep it that way.

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