Hamilton Pom Wins State

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Hamilton Pom Wins State

Chloe Dickinson

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“Pommies” are the dancers on the sidelines of every football game and every basketball game putting all of their energy into making sure the crowd and the players stay motivated. They are the ones yelling out peppy chants, leaping and turning. However, being a part of a highschool pomline means not only cheering on the sidelines of games, but being on a team that competes as well.  

We’ve seen them out on the field hyping up the crowd and cheering on the football team all season long, but now they are the ones getting to compete. This past weekend, the Hamilton Pommies took 1st place at the UDA Cactus Cup and won the Overall Crowd Appeal Award. They were also invited to perform at ASU’s dance team send off, that included ASU’s own competition routines and routines from schools throughout the valley.  

These girls have worked hard all year and deserved the win. One of the teams captains, Erin Gerson (12) said what she loves about her team is that “we are all close and we can all depend on each other and motivate each other to be our best selves.” Being a smaller team compared to most high school sports teams gives the girls a chance to really connect with one another.

Team captain, Jaden Stubbs (12), says their practices are “really intense.” She said that “pom is very different from cheer or dance because you have to hit every motion really sharp and it has a very different energy and demeanor.” They have to practice their own competition routines and practice the cheers for the sidelines.

Pom is very different from many other sports. Megan Besch, the Hamilton Pom coach says, “what makes it different in a coaching perspective, is that once they are out there, there’s nothing I can do so it’s not like a basketball or football game where the coaches can communicate throughout the game.” She has to “be able to prepare them and have them confident so that when they go on, they don’t need me anymore.” Our Hamilton Pommies have worked hard this year and are continuing to put all of their effort into going out strong.

In February Varsity Pomline competed in the Arizona State Pom and Cheer Tournament and took home first place, beating the second place team by 26 points!  This has been the most successful year in the program’s history. Great job Pom!

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