Looking back at Dwyane Wade’s career


Adam Worthy

An NBA legend finally decided it was time to hang it up as last Wednesday was Dwyane Wade’s last game. Wade was drafted in 2003 and was the 5th overall pick from the University of Marquette. He had an amazing 16 year career although injuries set him back in the late stages of his career. Daryon Briggs (12) said “It sucks seeing legends leave, the NBA won’t be the same anymore and I will miss watching him play”. His accomplishments, and skill will certainly be missed as he is viewed as the 3rd greatest shooting guard and a hall of famer to many people. Wade instantly became a Miami Heat fan favorite as he helped deliver titles and did things to keep the organization stable and relevant.

2006 was Dwayne’s first finals appearance as he and his teammate Shaquille O’neal had their hands full against the Dallas Mavericks. Dwyane went on an absolute tear averaging 37.4 points per game, 7.8 rebounds per game, and 3.8 assists per game. With this incredible stats Wade won finals MVP and helped deliver the Heat their first championship in franchise history. Looking down the line when people reflect Wade’s legacy this milestone will most certainly be brought up. Fast forward to 2010, one of the biggest power moves in sports happened as Lebron James (who is in conversation for being the best basketball player ever) and Chris Bosh joined Wade to win titles together.

Although the amount of championships they wanted to win didn’t go as planned; they had great championship runs as they won two as a trio. Lebron won two titles in Miami, Wade improved to three titles, and Bosh gained two. Micaiah Butts (11) said “That Miami team was something i’ll never forget. It was a good experience for Wade, Lebron, and Chris Bosh because it showed them how to win with multiple all stars.” He brings up a good point because I think playing with the best player in the world in Lebron  and an all star in Chris Bosh all elevated each others games.

Fast forwarding to now last Tuesday was D-Wade’s last home game and it was an emotional night for many people. Budweiser put together a touching commercial that had people who D-Wade impacted tell him what he meant to their lives. Josh Cochran (11) said “Dwayne is one of my favorite players and seeing this commercial brought tears to my eyes because of how amazing of a person he is.” Dwayne touched many hearts by honoring a woman’s brother who passed away, buying his mother a church when her life wasn’t going down the right path, and helping some people graduate college. In Wade’s last two games he posted 30 points and a triple double to go out in style. Now that is the story of Dwayne Wade.