Advice From Seniors to Freshmen


Brock London and Julia Carson

Freshmen year, a beginning where you meet tons of unique people from all different grade levels. Getting used to a new school of 4,000 students can be pretty tough. If you ever need help or advice, look to the seniors. After all, they have survived over three years of high school.

Most of the comments made by the seniors related to being yourself and to open up and make new friends. Emil Whitson (12) said, “Just take it easy and, even though it sounds cheesy, try to stay genuine to yourself. Find a new peer group. Seriously. We’ve got a huge school, there are some people for everyone.” Hamilton is a huge school, so there are many groups to join and people to talk to. Everyone is different, and that’s okay. Kylie Carson (12) also stated, “My favorite part of freshman year was starting over as a young adult.” Entering a new school is a chance for you to start fresh with making friends and discovering who you are as a person and who you want to be. Britton London (12) made sure to share, “Expect more freedom, but more responsibility as well.” Freshman year is full of new and exciting experiences, through these experiences one can learn who they are.

Just take it easy and try not to get overwhelmed. This year is a new start as a young adult, where you can decide what you want to get out these next four years. However, with further responsibility, be sure to be able to stand up to the task.