Freshman Expectations vs Reality of High School


Lizz Shields and Ava Price

The first week of school can be a challenge for any grade level, but when it comes to freshmen, they have the added obstacle of coming to a new place with tons of new people. Making friends and finding their way through a maze of 4,000 people in order to get to their classes on time is difficult and sometimes intimidating. Many times, it can be assumed that a student’s expectations would be very different than the realities of high school.

When asked about their expectations for high school, the answer heard was homework. Students had anticipated much more homework than what was given. However, as it is only the first week, their expectations may be reached in following weeks. Peyton Shor (9) is “excited for football games and sports to start” as it is another chance to socialize with friends and show school spirit. A common stress for the freshmen is finding all their classes and getting there on time. Seina Warriner (9) explains that she “got lost one time but found most of her classes”, which she was surprised about. When asked what advice he would give to any other freshman, Griffin Stalfort (9) goes on to say, “Don’t be afraid to make new friends.”

High school may seem like a scary place and it is true that there are many relatable struggles of coming to a new school at HHS’ size. Yet, there are many things worth looking forward to in high school such as football games, sports, and gaining more independence. Overall, it isn’t as scary as it seems and as the year progresses, high school life will become easier. Remember, don’t be afraid to be yourself.