Hamilton Teachers Anticipate the New Year


Zelia Garcia and Patrick Shields

At Hamilton High School, teachers reflect on last year and share their thoughts on the upcoming school year with their new students! This year, the teachers are excited to see students thrilled for a new year and to learn more about them as individuals. It’s always exhilarating starting a new year and meeting a whole new set of students with nothing but the future ahead of them!

Many teachers agree it was amazing last year to be able to see the students grow up and mature over the years. Chemistry teacher, Mr. Ullman said, “Last year, I made some great connections with the students that really made the year better.” Having connections with others in school helps students and even the teachers succeed more during the year. The students feel much more comfortable in an environment where they feel accepted by the people around them and making connections with them really solidifies that into place.

Differing from previous years, “the students this year are more determined to learn about their future,” said English co-teacher, Mr. Owen. The students are asking more questions about their life outside of school and bills, housing, taxes, etc. They’re more curious and ready than ever to start their life after high school and will do whatever it takes to ensure they have the good future they want. 

The spirit shown last year was incredible and teachers are eager to see how much spirit their new students can show. History teacher, Mr. Hermanski, said “the kids are already showing their school spirit by participating in all of the spirit days.” The new set of students are already showing a lot of husky pride and the teachers are definitely noticing it! The teachers hope everyone at HHS keeps on showing their enthusiasm throughout this year!

The teachers at HHS anticipate this year will be better than ever as they continue to learn how to ensure their students succeed and learn more about who they are and want to be! Let’s make this year amazing huskies!