Vibe Tryouts and Preparations


Julia Carson

Hamilton is a school that houses many clubs. One of the more specific and well known clubs is Vibe. This club is all about dance. They are currently holding tryouts every school year for those who enjoy dancing and getting involved in school. The sad part is, you could potentially get cut and not make it on the team, but it is always worth a try. Vibe practices many types of dance and they perform floor work, which is creating the beat themselves before the music starts. 

The Vibe clinic is on Monday, August 12th, and tryouts are on the following Wednesday, August 14th. The head of Vibe, Miss April, noted how it felt to bring Vibe back with fresh new faces and how she is preparing for the newcomers, “We have team leads picked from previous years and they spend countless hours of work so that all levels of girls are able to participate. We have sponsors that organize the dates and functionality.” Miss April (faculty) said. It’s not only Miss April but a hand full of girls from last year as well. As a big production it’s very important to our school. “ The very first time introducing the club, we had 100 kids and, now we have about 60 kids who audition. Depends on how many people are interested,” Miss April (faculty) said. This just goes to show that when vibe was first introduced, tons of kids were excited to tryout. “We cut based on ability. So if you have 25 kids with the right skill set then you accept those 25 kids” Miss April (faculty) said. Skills are an important part of dance. If you don’t have it, it may be hard for you to make the team. 

It may seem scary because you’re dancing in front of strangers and pouring your heart out through dance. Come tryout for Vibe! Vibe is a place where you get to dance and be yourself with your moves. Go in with an open mind and an open heart. Most importantly, just have fun. With all of that said, good luck with your vibe audition.