Ice-Breaking Freshman Splashdown


Germaine Jacques

The Freshman Splashdown is thrown every year by the Student Council students to give a fun and social welcome to the incoming freshmen. This gives incoming students time to meet new people and create new friendships. 

Every year, the splashdown is held at the Hamilton Aquatic Center at Hamilton High School. Meghan Finder (12), from Link Crew, said, “The goal is to get as many freshmen and break the ice.” Breaking the ice can allow students to feel more comfortable with their peers. The Splashdown will have many different activities for freshmen to talk over. Some activities being held are Water pong, a cannonball contest, and slide racing. STUGO will be catering pizza and will be having a small giveaway. 

The night will be full of fun and freshmen are already stoked. Kashish (9), says she is “looking forward to having fun and reuniting with friends..” The splashdown can be a night to catch up with friends over a cheesy slice of pizza and going full throttle while slide racing. This gives students a variety of opportunities to come out of their shells. Karina Rodriguez (9) says, “I’m excited to get to know some of the people I will be graduating with.” Students may not get to know their entire class, but the splashdown can get them close to it.