Homecoming in Outer Space


Credit: https://aminoapps.com/c/voltron-legendary-defenders/page/blog/galra-keith/p4PR_xWCQuq1MkbZkgVx7YBQYZ4azvlVMwie

Zelia Garcia

This year, homecoming at Hamilton High School is going to be out of this world – literally. The dance is going to be held in the gym, which gives the perfect opportunity for a multitude of decorations fitting the theme of outer space. Students all around school are discussing the theme, music, decorations, and whether or not they are attending the dance in the first place. 

The students at school think the homecoming theme is average and don’t pay much attention to it because as Torri Tavenner (12) said, “we can wear whatever we want.” The homecoming theme doesn’t really affect the students as they can wear whatever they please. But, at the assembly when it was announced, claps and sounds of excitement filled the auditorium!

For the past couple of years, homecoming at Hamilton has been incredible! The themes and decorations have gone hand in hand every year. Alyssa Esquivel, a senior, said, “I’m excited to see what type of music they play and all of the decorations they set up.” So, the students mostly anticipate the music and decorations that will be at the dance; But, are they actually going?

Most of the students are planning on going to homecoming this year. Patrick Shields (12) said, “I’m going to homecoming because it’s my last year here and the theme sounds pretty cool.” The students want to make the most out of their year and they feel that homecoming will be a great way to start it off.

Even though the theme doesn’t have much effect on the dance itself or the dress code, the students are still excited about it. They are looking forward to all of the decorations and the music that will be played. The students are ready to make this homecoming one to remember!