JROTC Blood Drive


Blood Drive

Germaine Jacques

Many people around the world are in need of blood. Hamilton High School holds blood drives a couple of times a year for students to donate. During every lunch, they promote and hold a small stand for students to sign up and get all the information needed to cooperate.

Donating blood can make a small, yet big difference in the world. It is a heroic donation that assists in saving the lives of many in need. Callie Martinez (10) says, “it made me feel like I made a small impact knowing I helped save a life or lives.” Callie felt like she accomplished something great in her life. She says she will continue to give blood.

With over 4,000 students at Hamilton, the blood drives are beyond successful. Martin W. (12) says, “There are always lots of names on the lists, some might just want the treat given after.” After giving blood, donors are given treats like donuts to keep their blood sugar is high.

Donating blood is a huge help for many people. Be sure to sign up to be a donor!