Urban Lemmings Game Show Show Review


Credit: Ava Price

Ava Price

Urban Lemmings, Hamilton’s improv troupe, held their first performance of the year last Friday, August 16, at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. Their showing of the Game Show Show provided the audience with a fun experience and lots of laughs.

Urban Lemmings rehearses every Wednesday, from 2:30 to 4:30 in the library’s program room and they perform frequently. Each of their shows are different and very interactive with the audience, as they take suggestions from them as they go. Urban Lemmings is “really funny and family-friendly,” said Ravin Harris (12), Urban Lemmings president. Tickets were $3 at the door and the show lasted for around two hours. “Urban Lemmings is a club that makes other people laugh so if you think you’re somewhat funny and you enjoy comedy, Urban Lemmings is the club for you,” said Arabella Hammorick (11). Urban Lemmings has around 12 members and they have anywhere from four to six performances per year. The members are super social and really easy to talk to; they bring great energy to the arts. Urban Lemmings “teaches students to get into a group and develop public speaking skills,” said Ms. Boshes, the Urban Lemmings sponsor.

As one paid for their ticket, they were asked if they wanted to write a line for one of the performers to say during the show. The performers acted out many scenes per audience request and they had a few different things that they did. One thing the performers did was called reverse, this is where they would reverse a few seconds into the past with the actions to match and then do the actions over again. Another thing the performers did was called “change” where one person in the show would yell “change” and the others would have to change what their previous line was. These things made the show very entertaining and provided for lots of laughs. 

Overall, the Urban Lemmings Game Show Show was very entertaining and fun to watch. If you enjoy comedy and theatre performances, any Urban Lemmings show is for you. All the performers are super welcoming and the performances are family-friendly. Be sure to support Urban Lemmings at their next performance!